Dance education inspires good work habits and healthy lifestyle choices. Studies show that a structured dance program enhances academic achievement. At every age and ability, dancing is exciting and joyful. Dance helps students develop their motor skills, Improve balance, Develop social behavior and creates self-confidence in a non-competitive environment.

Dance develops the individual physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Dance students join an artistic family where they develop enduring friendships and nurture a passion for the arts.

While having fun, dance students gain many benefits:

• Balance and Coordination • Structured physical activity • Correct posture and alignment • Strength and Flexibility • Athleticism and Kinesthetic awareness.

• Self expression • Creativity • Communication • Aesthetic awareness • Musicality

• Critical thinking skills • Problem solving • Time management • Concentration and Focus • Self-discipline

• Confidence • Commitment • Determination • Self-respect • Joy and excitement

• Camaraderie • Responsibility • Respect for others • Teamwork • Tolerance